Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

What a nice day!

I did not go to Whole Foods. Goodwill took longer than planned because I found some real gems. Sometimes you just hit it right. So I went to the closest grocery which was QFC (Kroger) and ended up getting more than I needed.Oh well. At least I remembered apples!

Then I came home and worked on the Mariner tunic. I'm making great progress. I decided to make the cowl out of what's left from the Seattle Mariner pajama pants fabric. But, I had to unpick the elastic waist which turned out to be a major PIA. I got it done, tho and it's going to be fine.

The housecleaner did a great job. She loves the cats so much. She says Biggie follows her constantly and watches every her every move. She says The Smalls pokes his head in now and again but doesn't seem to really care. "Biggie's my boy!"

This is what they are both doing now.


If they ever change spots or give up napping together, I'll be so sad.

The Fitbit Versa 2 I have my eye on is on the Black Friday Target flyer and on the Black Friday Costco flyer as 25% off... This helps the wait. Also I have my eye on a new flosser/toothbrush that is already cheaper at Costco. I'm ok waiting for it,too.

The neighborhood is getting prepared for Sunday's MLS championship. They delivered the portopotties this morning. Press areas are already being cordoned off. They are expecting 70,000 ticket holders and I suspect there will be more than a few folks who just show up to be near the action and don't actually have tickets. It's going to be wild and fun. A good day to live where I live (overlooking the stadium).
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