Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Kibbles and Koffee

The cats are down to their last handful of kibble and my coffee supply is getting perilous. Happily, I just got notice from Amazon that my Subscribe and Save kibble and coffee orders are arriving early... today! I'm guessing Alexa heard me bitching and sent the word to HQ. Please invade my privacy any time you want, Amazon. The payoff for me is delightful.

About 3:30 this morning, Biggie crawled under the covers and settled himself between my legs. And then The Smalls, not to be left out, crawl under and nestled into my side. So I spent the last hour of sleep quite blissfully, thankyouverymuch. These two are just the best.

Today is house cleaner day. And this place needs it. On the whole it is tidy but without cutter the unvacuumed carpet and smudgy countertop and the dusty shelves really get focus.

I'll do my usual Goodwill run and then I'm not sure. I do need apples. I might go over to the new Whole Foods just to have a look around.

I started the new Lee Child book last night. In print (and audiobook), Jack Reacher is one of my favorite all time characters. I have never seen the Tom Cruise version of him. Maybe I should give that a watch.

I made great progress on my Mariner tunic yesterday. I created the fabric for the front and the back and found that I have enough fabric left from the Mariner pajama bottoms to use for the cowl neck. It's going to look so weird and so cool. I had to put it all away today but maybe I'll get it out this afternoon.

Our local Fox TV station has been our very best for local news. Really. It has been not Fox News but just a Fox affiliate with a good local team. The other TV stations have pretty much thrown in the towel on local news. If it's bloody and/or tragic, they'll send a reporter (who will spend 50% of the reporting time telling me how tragic and heartbreaking whatever facts they don't have really are) but otherwise, they just use footage from national news stories and toss in grammar impaired weather - mostly tightly dressed female people. But our Fox channel has an actual political analyst who covers - quite fairly - local politics. And a small investigative team. And they only rarely run footage or stories from the national Fox news.

But, sadly, those days are leaving... The station was bought up by Fox. So instead of just being an affiliate, they will now be owned by them and, I'm sure the local days are gone. Sigh. I do hope their political analyst lands somewhere accessible by me. Bummer.

Biggie is checking out the leaves on The Tree That I Hate. At least enough are gone now that I'll get a nice view of the MLS championship game on Sunday.

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