Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Pea Soup

The fog is really thick here this morning and it does not seem to be thinning. Driving to the pool in the dark and fog was a little stressful. As I sit here now, I can see the building directly across the street but not the stadium which is down a little further. It's spooky.

Next to me here on the couch is a little kitty pile. Biggie is making little breathing noises that are so adorable. His hair is growing back in nicely.


I want to get into Flickr and organize a nice album of kitty pix. I need to make a sub album of Kitty Puddles On The Green Blanket On The Purple Couch.

Yesterday, November 4, was the day I got married. I can never remember the year. I think it was 1980 and I know I have it written down somewhere. Actually, somewhere in this journal. But, what ever. My husband was a newspaper reporter and invariably was covering elections on our anniversary. I think we only managed two and separated right after the second one so not a biggie.

I think the majority of people in the United States still go to a polling location to vote. I haven't done that in years. A couple of decades ago, we were offered the chance to sign up for voting by mail and I jumped on it. Then a few years ago, they turned all voting in Washington State to vote by mail. I cannot imagine the inconvenience of having to go somewhere. Last year they even removed the requirement to add a stamp. Just mark your ballot and drop it in a mailbox and Bob's your Uncle (unless you voted for someone else to be your uncle).

Yesterday I got all the Mariner t-shirts cut up and the bits squared off. I think today, I'm going start putting them together.

Oh! now I can see the stadium but not the road beyond it. Progress.
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