Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Happy Monday

Last night I didn't notice if it got darker earlier and this morning it was dark as normal going and coming home from the pool. I slept fine. Changing time, I think, maybe easier - as is so much - when you are retired. Being retired is just so full of goodies. I can't believe I fought it for so long. The first two years I was embarrassed to be retired. I'm all over that now for sure.

In cat news, we're back to fighting over the bowl at the top of the scratching post. Biggie usually loses. Actually, more accurately, he gives up more easily. Just now, he ceded his spot to The Smalls and then Biggie wandered around the living room sniffing at stuff. Then he wandered down the hallway. Curiosity got to The Smalls and he finally came down and went after him to see what he was up to. The two of them together are really so funny.

It's so lovely not to have to worry about does someone need a vet visit or is someone's collar come off again or if one or the other seems 'off'.

Now that I have decided to switch to FitBit, I'm working on a skill that I do not have - delayed gratification. There is not reason to switch sooner than later. Sale season is coming up and if ever the price is going down it will be in the next two months surely I can wait two months. If not price change, I'll buy it for $200 in January. Totally worth waiting.

Today's project is Mariners. I've saved up all the Mariners swag that's made of fabric. Mostly t-shirts (all too small for me to wear). My plan it to make a new 'fabric' out of all of it to make two tunics - one summer and one winter. I think I have plenty saved up. I first need to cut it all into flat pieces and then figure out the best placement of those pieces and sew them together and cut them out again with my patterns as a guideline.

One day this week - probably towards the end of the week - will be a Costco run. The housecleaner comes on Wednesday. And really, that constitutes the excitement here at SDHQ this week. I have gooks to listen to and books to read and TV to watch and yarn to use.

And watch more of this...

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