Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

More yarn???? Are you nuts????

I've been following this couple on Instagram for a while. They are in Seattle and they dye yarns. They are vague about most of the non dying details but it's clear they are whole sale only even though their web links are always broken BUT they have the most wonderful yarn colors imaginable. Seattle is so gray and brown and olive drab in everything that when I find Brazilian or Mexican colors, I notice.

Anyway, for the past couple of days they have had the odd posting showing a shop. Today I finally dug around and see that they are holding a retail open house - kind of an in office pop up shop yesterday and today and it's less than a mile from here! It's from 11-4. The game starts at 1 so I think if I wait until 2, I can maybe sneak out and get back without too much trouble.

Yeah, I do not need more yarn ... at all. Hopefully, it will be too expensive. Most yarn is. All good yarn is.

I think I'll spend some more time today winding yarn and organizing what I have in hopes of discouraging me when I get there. But, I do have to go look.

I did finish the sweater I've been working on. It's so soft and cuddly. The cats approve.


I can hear the Seahawkians gathering outside.

I have two clocks that need manual stimulation. I haven't done them yet but at least this time around I am aware of the difference and so not caught by the Daylight Savings Trap.

This entry was interrupted by an internet rabbit hole. I need to get up, get the breakfast cleaned away out of the kitchen and get to that yarn work so it gets done before 2 pm. No worries, I'm on it. And the cats look totally ready to help.
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