Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Found it and more

This morning I found poop encased red pool noodle foam in the litter box. Not much but it was there. I'm glad I did not have poop colored pool noodles.

I also remembered last night that the air conditioner insulation is also pool noodle. (What's with all the freakin' pool noodleism in this house???!!!) I checked where it is stashed and discovered that 1. easily cat accessible, 2. two pieces there and one had already clearly been found by cats and 3. there were already foam shards on the carpet.


I cleaned up the shards and moved the two noodles to where they cannot be cat got.

I sure hope to hell that's the end of pool noodle mania around here!!

In between their helping with the change of bed linen and laundry, this has been their morning activity.

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