Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Friday Night Lights...

Since I no longer swim on Saturdays, I treat myself to a stay in bed as long as I want... So Friday nights I go to sleep with that in mind and it has turned into kind of a treat. And the cats are in on it. Last night I slept a solid and delicious 10.5 hours. Most of it snuggled between two kittens.

In other news, The Smalls needs a nail trim. I managed to get one foot done this morning and 1 needle on the other one. But he still owes me four nails and I am to collect. Today.

Yesterday I bought my tickets for next years Mariners games. $5,500 gets you 20 games. We have a special private entrance to the ballpark and a clubhouse where we get a fairly lavish buffet meal with drinks. The clubhouse connects to the seats where you also get complementary in seat service of more food, drinks, candy and snacks. My seat is 9 rows behind home plate. Oh and it includes parking which I sell on StubHub for $30 to $40 a game. It's an expensive luxury that I love. Yeah, I could take a cruise for that money. But, I much prefer 20 fun baseball days sprinkled out from March to October.

Assuming no cats eat anything else they cannot digest, my next big expense will be next month when I pay my home owners dues which I prefer to pay annually instead of being dinged every month. After that it will be February when I get to pay the real estate taxes on this condo. I load up the savings account each month for just this time of year and this time of year is when I'm ever so grateful for that discipline!

Today is laundry day. I may hop up to Grocery Outlet if I can think of what it was I wanted there. Oh wait I remember. Mushrooms for the spaghetti sauce. And rolls. Ok. So there will be a quick nip out to Grocery Outlet. And then I'm going to be knitting. I am down to the cuffs on the sweater and I'd love to get that finished and put away.

But, first, as usual. I need to get dressed.

Breakfast. That's Biggie on the left and The Smalls on the right.

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