Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


How lovely it has been to spend a day without worrying about that damn cat. He's fine. Just fine. He's probably enjoying being able to take a nap without my interrupting it to make sure he's still alive.

They both begrudgingly finally let me get many cakes finished.


Now I am feeling a little more in control of my yarn nation. I have one sweater nearly finished - 4 inches to go on the sleeves and I may add a bit to the collar. I have a cardigan about 3/4ths finished. I have an afghan maybe half done and a hat about 30% done. And the yarn in house to finish them all. Plus some.

I have left over Asian food for dinner and some spaghetti sauce thawed. I'll probably go Asian and leave the spaghetti for tomorrow.

I sat in my new plether chair with footstool for a while this afternoon reading my book and geesh that's a great reading chair! I don't love the look of it - I like it ok but not love -but I do like the sit of it, lots.

I have lots of TV to watch so I think I'll work on those sleeves and get caught up.
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