Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Back to yer regular shenanigans

Just now it appears that Biggie and The Smalls are reviewing and testing the chapter of the cat manual entitled Running From Room to Room For No Apparent Reason.

I don't know if he ate foam or if he did where it went or why he threw up yesterday morning but it appears that Biggie is fine and dandy. Whew. They were both so sunggly this morning that I was sound asleep when the alarm went off which is rare. No swimming this weekend so we'll do catch up snuggles then.

I ran into Jacqueline at the pool this morning. She's the one who keeps trying to swim on Saturdays only to be kicked out by the aqua fit group. She's on a rampage. She says it's getting way worse. "They are mean and stupid." She has a delightful French accent so it doesn't even sound catty when she says that. "Also, I think they are jealous."

So no Saturday. The Seahawks play at home Sunday so no swim then either. Skipping two days used to freak me out. Now, I'm looking forward to lazy snuggles.

Google just bought Fitbit. I like my Garmin watch but some of those new Fitbits are sexy. What's stopped me before was their back end. When I had a Fitbit some days it would not sync and I'd just lose the data. Totally unacceptable. Recently, a guy I follow on Twitter tried one of their new high end watches and had the same issue the first week. Hopefully Google will fix that.

Today there will be more yarn winding. This will delight the cats. I just opened my last 6 pack of Diet Dr. Pepper so I think I'll mosey on over to Cash and Carry and pick up a supply. That's really the only errand I really need to do. I may well pick up a sandwich for lunch while I'm out.

Things are now way too quiet in the back of the house where I know two cats are. I think it's time to go see what they have gotten into now.

Biggie, in my lap, when I made my earlier update. What a face.

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