Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Goddamn this cat!

So I just went into the bedroom and found a piece of pool noodle on the floor! The same pool noodle that we just had surgically removed from Biggie. I thought I had thrown it all away but apparently not. So I thew out the little piece and then I found the bigger piece. And thew it out. (It was hidden in the back of the closet up high and clearly had been cat attacked.)

Then Biggie thew up.

So, when is the next surgery scheduled, you ask? OMG I cannot believe this. He does not seem unhappy, uncomfortable or troubled now. But there was no foam in his puke so it's likely still in there.

At the very first sign of anything out of the ordinary, we'll go back to the vet pronto. Phuque.
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