Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

More vets who have never met a cat

No Stitches No More!

I killed as much time as I could and still got there 40 minutes early. They didn't care one bit. I probably could have just dropped in on Monday and they would have taken the stitches out.

The usually mute Biggie bitched the entire time he was in the car and in the vets. He was clearly not enjoying the adventure.

I barely had time to shoot an Instagram photo before they came to get him. And they didn't even have him long. The woman (vet?) who took him and brought him back told me to keep the collar on for two more days. And keep him quiet.

Ok, I said. NFW, I thought.

They emailed the follow up info and there's a section that is pretty hilarious.

(Almond Joy is Biggie's real name.)


Discharge Instructions:
• Almond Joy can resume normal activity in 1 week. Until that time please continue to limit running, jumping and playing.
Incision care:
• The incision has healed and the sutures were removed.
• Almond Joy may want to lick the incision for the next 2-3 days. If this is the case, please use the E-collar to prevent her from licking or chewing at the area.
• No bathing for another 7 days.

Thank you for bringing Almond Joy to see us. He is a very sweet cat and was a pleasure to work with.


No bathing for another 7 days?????? No bathing????? What about appearances on Jeopardy and taking up the cello? I mean if we are going to start listing things that are never going to happen ever anyway.

So, yeah, we got home and The Smalls was so excited. It was adorable. Once everyone was on the couch, I pulled the pillow collar off and let him lick around. He licked all over everywhere EXCEPT his scar. And he and The Smalls licked each other.

So I put his real collar on him and declared it good. And this is the current state of us.


I feel like we have been broken for two weeks and now we're fixed. And it feels pretty excellent,

gracegiver did a very cool 1 Sec a Day video and posted it today. I gave that up after a month last time and now I'm sorry I have not done 1 Sec a Day of Cats! So I redownloaded the app and Friday we will begin November's edition. Better late than never.

Now I am going to move my butt from this couch to the sewing room and get to work.
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