Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Today's the day!!!

I'm actually way more excited about getting stitches out and collar off than Biggie is. He does not seem excited at all actually. Oh well. It's 8 am now and the appointment is at 12:15. I have one pre-appointment errand up that way. And there is a problem with a bridge between here and there so I think we'll leave here probably about 10:30 ish.

I can't tell if The Smalls is sick or not. He sneezes but like once every 4 hours or so. He eats. He uses the litter box. I still don't know who pooped on the treadmill yesterday but no poop there today. The big thing is kind of a personality change. All of a sudden he quit biting me and, instead of pawing my face and eating my nose at night, he tries once and I move him down next to me and there is no pushback. Last night he slept nestled in my armpit almost all night. Right now he's in my lap, quietly. Not trying to get out. He's not been a lap cat before.

Once Biggie gets the all clear, I'll be able to get them both engaged in some high energy activity - Stickie, laser. And we'll see then.

I made great sewing progress yesterday. And I figured out the knitting but then figured out a way to do the same with crochet which is far more interesting to me. I think I may have Yarn ADD. Oh well. I don't think it's fatal.

I have kept a half eye on the World Series. I'm not a Nationals fan but I am absolutely an Anyone But Houston fan so... Go Nats! I do like a 7 game Series. Anything less feels like we got cheated. Also the Seattle Soccer team made it to the MLS final round last night and, if Toronto wins their match tonight, they will play the game for all the marbles right here across the street. So Go Toronto!

I'm not wild about having the fleece blanket always covering my couch but when I drape it over the arm which is visually more appealing, I don't get the kitty snuggle action like I do when it's down for the nap...

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