Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Vet's office calling to confirm... you mean the appointment that is in 20 hours and 15 minutes?

I did not laugh in her face, but did assure the lady from the vet's office who called to remind me of the visit that we are counting the minutes.

I think the pooper is The Smalls and I think he's not 100% feeling great. He's actually still sneezing every once in a while. In between chasing Biggie so I don't think he's punk, just not 100%.

Both litter boxes were emptied entirely and washed and the areas around each were cleaned and vacuumed. I moved the bathroom litter box into the tub. I don't ever use the tub, the whole set up can be behind the shower curtain... It's worth a test. I even remembered to move my face away when I was pouring litter so no cough caused by dust. Both cats watched the entire operation closely and tested out the bathtub box fairly thoroughly.

The Amazon Fresh delivery worked perfectly. The delivery guy was great. I ordered two boxes of litter, two frozen items and a pint of heavy cream. The frozen items came packed with dry ice. The cream came in a bag with a bottle of water that had been frozen. I thought that was pretty creative. Plus, thanks, Amazon for the free bottle of water!

My finance guy called out of the blue (usually he makes appointments to call). As usual, I felt like there was a subtext that I was missing but it had been a long time since I heard from him so I was just glad he called. He's such a good guy and has made me so much money over the years, I do fear that one day he will retire or decide he wants to do something else and I'll be in the tank looking for another shark. But thankfully not soon apparently.

And I finally figured out how to properly toggle my bluetooth earbuds while in a call. I never have them in or turned on when the phone rings but often want them midway into the call and have never figured out how to do that. Now I know.

The cats are not in here with me and frighteningly quiet. Me thinks a welfare check is in order.
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