Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


I came home from the pool this morning to find that a cat had pooped on the treadmill. Admittedly, shit on the treadmill is not entirely a sentiment I disagree with but no. It was nice, tidy, half dried bullets to at least healthy shit and way easy to clean up but no. This is not good. They have two litter boxes. One is in the bathroom next to where the treadmill is.

So I decided that I would empty both out today and clean and refill with clean litter. I do not have that much litter on hand so I'll need to go buy some. And haul. Ugh.

And then I got my breakfast and sat down at the computer and the first thing I read was a tweet that Amazon has dropped the $15 a month charge for grocery delivery. THANKYOUAMAZON so I placed an order for litter. It will be here between 1 and 3. This is so good.

So I'll completely clean out both litter boxes and their surrounds and hope that random house pooping was a one time thing never to happen again. I can't even imagine which one did it? Or why? If this is part of Biggie 2.0 I am not a fan.

This time tomorrow we'll be getting ready go to get stitches out. Maybe it was him and just a protest against stitches and his collar. Right now he's back on the bed with Stickie just hanging out. The Smalls is here in my lap. The poop is gone and, I can rotate the belt on the treadmill so that even that spot and its smells are gone. So, not terrible.

My nephew who lives in Iowa texted out a picture this morning to my brother (his father) and me of snow on his car. The words were autocorrected to "this is total jullshit". So we've all be trading jullshit jibes this morning. Fun times. (He is not a fan of Iowa but does love his wife who's ties there are ironclad.)

First up, get dressed, then get started on the litter project. I have some clean litter on hand so I can at least get started. Then I'll probably do some sewing and some knitting and some crocheting - you know, basic old lady stuff. Cause I'm your basic old lady!

Oh great. Here's the cat who's supposed to still be taking it easy...



Tomorrow. Noon. Freedom!
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