Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Grape Nerds

Every year at Halloween they (??) decorate the building and put plastic pumpkins full of candy by the elevators. There year there are little boxes of Grape Nerds. I love grape. I never heard of Nerds (the candy). I gave it a shot. Nope. Okdokey.

I actually got a fair bit done today. Cleaning and putting shit away. Things are under control again.

Then I made breakfast burritos. 10. 6 for the freezer and one for every day this week in the fridge.

I finally got my tunic cut out which was not easy with all the feline assistance. I didn't start sewing it yet. Probably tomorrow.

I decided to knit myself a cap using a technique I had not used in a really long time and, turns out, had forgotten! So it was more knitting lessons.

The technique is call two color Brioche and it looks like this.

I spent the afternoon 'remembering' how to do the stitch. I'm still practicing.

The boys went back to bed. The Smalls is the lump.

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