Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Biggie over correcting?

Biggie has always been the chiller of the two. Before he got sick, he was affectionate and willing to aid The Smalls in shenanigans but not much of an instigator. Then before and after surgery he was fairly sedentary. After about a week he started to get himself back.

This morning he is working on Biggie 2.0. He's demanding neck rubs. And not in a gentle way. Finally, we did some lasering and now I've turned on the auto laser toy and at least that's given me back my hands. He's totally over that damn collar.

In the middle of the night, I woke up and felt him snuggled next to me. I opened an eye and saw a black cat sitting beside me. Then I heard a cat eating in the kitchen. Then I did a count. I do not have three cats. Turns out what was snuggling beside me was a cat collar sans cat!

2 more sleeps and he'll be free. His hair is growing in quickly. Hopefully it will completely cover that gnarly scar so he can wear Speedos at the beach.

The Smalls started sneezing on Saturday and both had a sneeze or two yesterday but today, everyone seems to be sneeze-free. Yeah!

For some reason the clear, obvious answer to my Seattle City Light situation remained in the fog until this morning when it finally dawned on me to turn off auto pay! I don't know why that didn't occur to me immediately. I have now turned it off. My current balance of $171 will last me, likely until February. And by that time, I'll either have the problem resolved or have a stack of obviously ridiculous charges that will, in no way match my usage, and that they will not be able to ignore. DOH.

I finally conquered that knitting pattern. It took me two days but I won!!!


And now I'm going to stop. I hate the colors together. I will get a good color set and make a scarf or something. The point was to master the pattern and I did. Very satisfying. While I do not like the colors together in this pattern, I do like them and the yarn is nicer than I usually use and wool. So... knit cap coming up next.

But, first I have some house clean up to do and I still do want to get that fleece tunic cut out.

saaafcccccccccccccccccccvvvvdf ok, that was courtesy of The Smalls. Biggie has gone into the bedroom to take a nap and The Smalls has come out here to get some snuggles and keep me from typing. Nice of them to take turns, I guess.

See the leaves on The Tree That I Hate? We truly are one good windstorm from my being able to reacquaint myself with my neighbors. At last.

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