Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

This time my insurance company is truly up my ass

My insurance company, on their own with zero prompting from me - not even so much as a question - sent me an in home shit test. It's pretty elaborate. And online component as well as the actual test materials with prepaid mailing packaging included.

As a general rule I do not do medical tests. I have no interest in or patience for complicated treatment. I'm not willing to sacrifice my current quality of life for what is likely to be a lesser quality future after some very lesser quality processes. So, I look at the possible results and judge from there. Mammogram? I either have breast cancer or I don't. I'm not going to undergo any treatment for breast cancer so why take the test? Ditto for heart tests and blood flow, etc. I'm not having a colonoscopy because that process itself is not fun and the results even less so.

I did to a bone density test because I wanted to know - for sewing purposes - whether I was going to grow into a garden gnome. Turns out, no.

If I do the, obviously, painlessly easy, shit test, and even the tiniest anything is detected, the insurance company will be riding my ass like a rodeo pony.

I think not. But thanks for sending. The thought is lovely.
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