Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

A Mom story...

I don't remember when I first wanted to knit but I remember clearly the day I learned. My Mom had told me that I was too little. Every time I asked her to show me how. Then she changed her tune to 'when you are 6.' I waited and waited for that magic day. And, on the day I turned 6, she taught me how to knit. And I've been knitting ever since.

She was a product knitter mostly. I knit because I enjoy the doing. She knitted because she wanted sweaters. She always had one sweater or another on the needles.

My sister, in high school, had a boyfriend named Tracy. Everyone in the family loved Tracy which was a good thing because he was always around. My Mom started knitting him a sweater for Christmas. It was an Aran sweater - cream colored and rife with cables and other fancy stitches. She worked on it for months. She's be knitting away and Tracy would ask

"Whatcha makin' Mrs. Schubert?"
"It's a sweater, Tracy"
"ohhhh Nice! Who's the sweater for?"
"It's for you!"


This went on every day. It got to be hilarious. She even measured it on him. He never for one tiny minute believed she was making a sweater for him.

Until he opened the big box under the tree at Christmas. 58 different emotions whipped across his face in a split second. It was a sight to see, enjoyed to the max by all of us. And such great fun. He wore that sucker every day until nearly June - in North Carolina.

I cannot even see an Aran sweater today without thinking about Tracy.

I wonder how he turned out.
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