Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


Two weeks ago, I went swimming on Sunday morning and none of the regulars were there. Today they all were. It was like old home week. So funny. And nice.

Then on to Trader Joe's where, miraculously, I only got the three things I went in for. I got two cans of chili and would have gotten way more but that was all that was left. Of the beef chili. They had truckloads of turkey chili. Take a hint TJ's. Turkey chili is lame.

Then home to breakfast. I love fried eggs, bacon, potatoes and toast. I don't even mind cooking it all. I hate cleaning up after. That's what's after this entry.

Biggie and The Smalls are chill this morning. At least right now. This was earlier.


The dirty clothes hamper now lives in the closet behind a little bit of wall that sticks out. But does that keep The Smalls from tipping it over to climb inside. Of course not. He lives for that action as seen above when he demonstrates for Biggie.

Today will be knitting. Yesterday was knitting. The yarn/fabric shop down the road had enough good colors for what I needed and it was too expensive but shoplocal so ok. From noon til 8:30, I worked on this pattern. I ripped it out and started again a biscillion times. I finally got 5 rows done successfully and went to bed.

This is the pattern.

It is the only thing I have ever found every - in 64 years of knitting - that stumped me. I've tried for years. And failed. But this time, I'm going to not fail. Even if it takes another biscillioin rip outs.

This is the language for the next row (It's the row after the 3 fingers pointing up):

K1, 3, K1, S2KP, K7, KYOK, K1, 3, K1, KYOK, K1, 3, K1,
KYOK, K7, S2KP, K1, 3, K1, S2KP, rep another 1 (1, 3) times

Can you say tedious??! But, I will get it. I will.

I just went to the bathroom and was followed there by two cats and The Stickie. zoefruitcake mentioned the other day that her cats no longer follow her to the loo and it makes her sad. I will absolutely be crushed when I can, once again, pee alone.
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