Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Thank you, boys

There was some kitty shenanigans this morning about 5 so I got up and dished out some food. They ate and I went back to sleep. Two hours later, I came awake slowly to the delicious sensation of being cuddled by kitties. I got up and got the computer and took it back to bed where we snuggled and internetted for a wonderfully decadently long time.


There cannot be a better way to start the day.

Also at 5, I discovered that someone had wriggled out of his collar. To his credit, he did not seem overly proud of his accomplishment. I decided to call the vet and see if I could move up his post visit from Wednesday to maybe Monday or Tuesday. So I did. And was told that the doctor we need to see does not work on Mondays and Tuesdays. Crap.

He (Biggie) just hopped up here next to me and I decided to pop the collar off and let him lick and clean himself for a while. He seems appreciative. He's totally chill with my putting it back on so I will when he's not up here next to me. He's doing his legs right now. We'll both be so glad when we can get rid of this collar and go back to the fun one with bells.

After internetting, I decided to go out to breakfast but then could not think of a place I wanted to go. So I made my own and it was delicious.

I think, after I clean up the breakfast kitchen, I'll stroll on over to the fabric store. They also carry yarn. I have a new project in mind. I need 5 bright colors - a skein of each. And I'd like not to break the bank. I doubt they will have bright colors. They love brown in fabric and yarn and if they do, I'm sure it will be too expensive but, hey, it won't kill me to go look.

I put Biggie's collar back on and he's ok about it. Such a chill cat. So he may well have earned himself some more Out of Collar sessions.

Also I'm thinking of making a fleece tunic. I have the fleece and the pattern. I might get that started today.

The Tree That I Hate has lots of dead leaves on it now. I good windstorm could bring me back my view. Sadly, there's none in the immediate forecast.

I tried calling Seattle City Light billing department yesterday. Their convoluted telephone tree identified me as a Budget Billing customer. When I finally got to a person, she said I was not. When I pointed out that I had been billed as if I were and the telephone tree thinks I am, her response was 'Well, they are wrong. I can issue you a refund.' Yeah, that's going to be fun every month. Even my credit card is woke. Love their suggestion. ARUGH.

Oh well, I guess I'll worry about it next month.

The dirty dishes in the kitchen are calling my name.
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