Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

A pretty good day...

I got all of my IFTTT routines created and running and checked. Now it's just letting stuff happen. Google will collect all the data in the spreadsheets.

Amazon will not let you download your assistant history. You can see it on their website and on your phone but you can't have it. Google will let you download it any time you want in a nice comma separated value format for spreadsheets. But Google's assistant hates me. Really. I tell it to read me the news and it starts but will not stop. I tell it to stop and it pauses for 5 seconds. And, by the way, their news feed sucks. The only Seattle news you get is the Tacoma newspaper.

Amazon has a way superior news feed and it is read to you every single time you ask, not every once in a while. I spent all morning trying to make amends with the Google Assistant. Not happening. So then I spent some time page scraping the Alexa data and putting it into a spreadsheet. It's a PIA but it's doable and way better than fighting Google.

I got all my errands done. It took two trips because I forgot something on the first round but done now.

The cats have been quiet pretty much all day. Biggie is still sneezing and I had another round of vet/no vet. He just does not seem sick. Watch him spread whatever it is to The Smalls who will turn out to have a compromised immune system and my decisions will be all wrong.

We did have a nice Nursing Home Version of Chase Sticky in between naps. But, they are glued to the blue chair. The only thing that changes in this view is that Biggie's hair is growing back over his bald belly.

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