Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


The wonderful women from the University of Washington Design group came by last night to enlist my help with their latest project. They wanted to set up sensors in my house for data collection and they have fascinating plans for the data. Lucky for them, I already had the sensors set up! So last night and this morning, I created a bunch of IF This Then That's to get the data into spreadsheets that I can then share with their group.

I love that we live in a world where, at 70 years old, I can be a part of this kind of thing and update a spreadsheet in the cloud just by turning the light next to my bed on or off. That just tickles my fancy.

Before that, I listed my Pixel 3 phone on Amazon and on Swappa. I didn't sweat the price because I still hadn't decided whether to keep the new phone. I was just really getting set up more than anything. Of course, then, it sold this morning. On Swappa which is really a better deal for me - I make more money and have more control plus can actually 'chat' with the buyer if I need to.

Over all I will have made out $250 better by buying the phone from Amazon rather than Google. Interesting.

I have a very loud purring Smalls on my arms as I type.

So I guess I'm keeping the new phone which is fine by me. I will be taking the old phone to the post office this morning.

The cats only slept with me a little last night. They were very busy elsewhere. No clue what they were doing and they aren't talking this morning. I am, however, sure, it involved Stickie. I think they may be having a threesome.

This was the picture of the threesome I got before I went to bed last night.

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