Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Mini Update

Ain't nobody going to the vet today unless it's me looking for a quiet place where cats aren't crazy.

All sneezing stopped and he started. Non stop. Shenanigans.

First off, when he was at surgery, I found Stickie in the bedroom and I tucked it behind my shoe rack where he wouldn't find it. Worked great. Until today. I had my swim stuff spread out on the bed organizing it while he worked on the shoe rack until finally he freed Stickie!!! And brought it onto the bed.

We played Nursing Home Stickie for a while and then he got distracted. I went on to do other things and the next thing I know... I look up and see this:


Then we had NASCAR races in the hallway. And then he found Stickie again and started dragging Stickie around the house.

I do not think he's needs a vet. But it was a reminder that he didn't have his morning pill. One more pill left.
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