Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Back to the vet again????

Biggie started having a little wheeze/whine in his breathing while he was sleeping a couple of days ago. Then yesterday he started sneezing. And today's he's still sneezing. Ordinarily, I'd just think it's a cold and it will pass but... this isn't ordinary times. He's eating and pooping and peeing just fine. So I'm torn. I'm tried of vets. And what can they do for a cold anyway? I'd run him down to the new branch but it's closed on Thursdays which is weird.

I'm still debating.

This morning I went to the pool without my swim bag. It was so weird. I had a spare pair of emergency goggles in the car but none of my other usual stuff. And no music to listen to. And no plastic bag for my wet suit. It was weird. Not fatal but weird.

Last week, I ended up at an LA Fitness twice but didn't have the gear to swim comfortably. So today I'm going to build an emergency car swim bag. I have an old music player and ear buds, old swim gloves and better emergency goggles. Plus, plastic bag and other accouterments that make swimming better. And one of my current swim suits is not my favorite so I think it will go into the bag, too. I have the perfect bag.

The new phone got here and so far so good. The facial recognition is really really good. It pops on every time faster than I could turn my old one on with the fingerprint. It's actually over all very fast and nice. If I were not such a Gotta Have The Latest idiot, I'd probably send it back. I probably won't. I've listed my old (which really isn't old) phone on Amazon and will probably put it on Swappa today. Google wanted to give me $225 in trade in so as long as I can clear that much, I'll be happy.

Seattle City Light provides our electricity. It is owned by the city and run pretty much like government - poorly. I had been using their budget billing to even out my monthly bill. Every year I have to call and tell them that they need to cut the amount in half because I pay once a month, not twice. This year I called twice and even though I was promised twice, it never happened. The number that you call, is nearly impossible to get through, too. It takes several days. Finally, earlier this week, I called the main number and begged the nice lady to take me off budget billing and she said that she would. "I see that you are also caught up and have a balance of $3.51 so you don't even owe anything until your bill comes out in 4 weeks!"

Today my credit card was charged $170 which is double the monthly amount I was supposed to be paying on Budget Billing. On the up side, this means I won't owe anything for electricity for several months. My winter bill is usually $45-50. But, it also means, I need to still keep any eye on the bill because lordknows what they have really done.

And, like all smoothly run governmental agencies, their website sucks. In addition to my username and password, it has to 'verify' with my secret question every fucking time I log in. I love electricity. I just wish the management of mine was a little more together.

Bitch, moan, bitch, moan. Over the tiniest inconvenience. Bad me.

Here were the boys captured right by the front door just after I left for the pool this morning.

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