Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


I came home this morning to a perfectly cleaned house. It's the first time with the new furniture. I also changed the sheets before I left. Biggie still had his collar on and everything was just in its place. Peaceful and calm. It kind of took my breath away when I walked in. I'm so lucky.

I've had cats in my life pretty continually since my friend Susan gave me a cat I named Christmas in the early 70's. I've bonded with most and enjoyed them all but, honestly, Biggie and The Smalls have taken a piece of my heart like none other. They would, of course, since they are the first I ever adopted knowing they would not live long. Hopefully that is wrong but still, regardless of their fate this time we have now is just amazing to me. It's a delightful surprise to open the door to my home and find them both sitting there waiting for me. Every time. Again... so lucky.

I got everything done I wanted while I was out except for Trader Joe's. I'll catch up with them this weekend.

My phone and case are not even out for delivery yet. Amazon is really fucking with me today. I've decided not to worry about it. They will get here when they get here.

I have groceries to put away and I think I'll do that.

Neither of the cats has been up in the tree much since the surgery. But, today, Biggie gave it a go for a little bit.

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