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A lotta this and that

Last night, the kitties were particularly snuggly which was delightful. I realized that since Biggie came back home from surgery, The Smalls has stopped biting me which is really nice. Biggie nipped once but that was because I was tightening his pillow collar. In general, though, they both are pretty enamored with me as much as I am with them. I do not, however, follow them into the bathroom every single time and hang out while they pee. I hope they don't mind that.

This time next week, I'll be pulling out the carrier to take Biggie to get his stitches removed and his freedom from the collar secured. His hair is already growing back enough to make his tummy gray instead of white.

The last two batches of breakfast burritos have been exceptionally superior. You never really know for sure how a batch is going to turn out but I think now, I have all the tricks in place. This last time I made 5 because that's how many tortillas I had on hand.

6 eggs
1/4th cup cream
1 pat butter
1 cup finely grated cheese
5 flour tortillas

scramble the eggs and cream and season. melt butter in frying pan and add egg mixture. scramble until all the moisture is gone and the eggs have really turned to small clumps. set aside to cool completely. you want these eggs to be cold.

lay out the 5 tortillas. sprinkle the cheese on each one - divide the cup 5 ways. then divide the cold cooked eggs the same way. roll each into a burrito and then roll each burrito into a sheet of parchment paper (i get mine at the dollar store). put the rolled buritos into a plastic bag and refrigerate.

at breakfast, i pull one cold from the fridge and nuke it for 1 minute. YUM.

Yesterday, I got the baseball schedule for next year. They take the home games and divide them into 4 batches so that each represents the entire season - a variety of different times - afternoon, evening, weekends - at least one game every home stand and usually more, etc. The four batches are A, B, C, D. You can buy a 20 game plan (a couple of them, actually) or a whole season. So if you buy group A, the other Group A people are at all your same games.

My seat is a unicorn. One of the few - maybe the only one - single seats. The rest of my row is all groups - pairs, or triples. My seat is actually available for all four batches. So yesterday, Mike, my Mariner guy sent me the four batches for next year and told me to pick one (or more!) 20 games is plenty (plus, the cost of 20 games is plenty) and I picked B. The bill comes on Nov. 1. I'm guessing $6,000. But, I'm ready. I put some aside every month just for this. Whew.

And also from the savings, today comes the new phone! I love me some new tech toy. I do. I'm not entirely sure that I'll be keeping this one, though. Reviews are mixed. But, reviews are always mixed. This new phone, however, is missing a fingerprint reader which I really love. And, supposedly, has worse battery life than my current one. So... it's a trial. If I love, I'll keep. If I don't, I'll send back. My moey is on keep but we'll see.

The house cleaner comes today. She's going to flip out. Between the new furniture and Biggie's surgery, there will be much conversation. And then I'll split. I have a cart full of Goodwill donations and I need groceries.

The professional soccer team is playing round 2 of the national playoffs tonight across the street. The 'hood will be full of scarves and the people who wear them.

I think I'll see if I can get a load of laundry into the washer and out the dryer before the house cleaner comes.

The blue chair (still one of my favorite pieces of furniture) seems to be The Cat Favorite.

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