Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Forget too rich or too thin... the truth is you can never have too many pockets

Several years ago, Costco was selling these really nice heavy wool ruanas. I got one - a grey and white plaid with red on the other side - reversible. Because it has no curves, it folds completely flat so it made the perfect car blanket. But I never used it. So I brought it inside and put it in the closet and still never used it and forgot about it. Finally in my closet reorgs this year I found it again. I hung it on a hook by the front door and have already worn it out several times. It's just a great weight to throw on for a quick errand.

Today I wore it to the store in the next block and it was great. But, I thought on the way home, it would be so much greater with pockets. So I came home and found some nice red wool fabric that matched perfectly. It had been a blanket I bought at Goodwill to use for lining of a vest that never made. It still had the nice blanket edge which I used for the top of giant Captain Kangaroo pockets. Now it is just perfect! And back on the hook ready for the next errand.

I cleaned out the yarn project bin finally. And finished my audiobook. And took the Amazon return back and went to the store down the street because they have a pop up hand made soap shop this week. I wanted and got a nice, big bar of lavender soap which is exactly what I wanted.

Now I am home and the house is tidy and the cats are knocked out one on top of the other and the collar is still on.


My next audiobook - the new Michael Connelly is out today and now downloaded onto my phone for starting tonight.

All is nice and fine.
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