Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

And...he's back

This morning I woke up to both cats sitting up at attention next to me on the bed like they did this time last week before all the mayhem. Last night there was nothing I could do to prevent their running up and down the hallway and generally rough housing around. Twice now Biggie's managed to get his collar off. The first time it was the collar that I made so I thought maybe the elastic stopper was just not strong enough to hold. Nope. This morning it was the one I bought on Amazon. He can flat out wriggle out if he works hard enough. Hopefully, he'll forget. I'm out of drugs in two days. But, they don't seem to be having much effect anyway.

And this morning they are back at it. This was the beginning before they really got into it.

We have 8 more days of this. It's going to be a long 8 more days for sure.

Today my hair is screaming CUT ME!!! So that's the first order of business this morning. I need to return a package to Amazon and that might morph into a trip to Grocery Outlet or the bagel shop for a lunch sandwich.

I want to fill out my November ballot - it's long and has a big voters guide that goes with it and I want to get it off my dining room table. So I might as well just vote and be done with it.

And, I never did get to that yarn project stash. Today. For sure.

Also the house cleaner comes tomorrow. But things are in order so really nothing needs to be done for that.

So. The usual. But, as usual, I think I'll get dressed first.

The good news is that feline things seem to be calm at the moment.

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