Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

A lovey day

It's been a trauma free day which is nice. Only once did I catch The Smalls almost getting to Biggie's stitches. He wasn't really clawing but grooming and perilously close to the actual stitches. I gave him a little 'me' time and he was fine. Mostly they've been sleeping and doing a little wandering around.

I made Biggie a new pillow collar. I actually made a pattern and then tested out the pattern. It works ok. I caught him with a foot out of the Amazon one. My bad, I did not tighten up the neck part enough. And I figured out how he could lick the bottom of his shaved area. The one I made has a nice hide food and cat hair top cover. And is a little fatter than the Amazon one.


The in between naps is the challenge. Right now Biggie is trying to walk all over this keyboard. Luckily The Smalls is still asleep.

I started to tackle my yarn stash. I have a lot of unfinished projects and samples that just need to go to the recycling bin. I was going to add the current sweater I was working on. It's one made out of very cheap but very soft yarn but it's a pattern that I've kind of made up as I went along so I was sure it wasn't going to work. But, I got to the point yesterday where I could try it on and decide and damn if isn't totally fine. And so soft. So I worked on finishing it up. I have the bottom half of the sleeves yet to go.

I just remembered that I'm out of breakfast burritos. Time to make some more. I pulled spaghetti out of the freezer last night and there's enough for dinner tonight so I thought I was done cooking for the day but nope.
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