Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

More cat shit

In Biggie's discharge papers, there's info about something that can go wrong and show up 3-6 days after surgery. So between now and Wednesday. So, of course, I'm constantly on the lookout. Sometimes, when he sleeps, he's like dead. I could pick him up by tail and he would not wake up. Last night I had to move him after he was asleep and it was a dead sleep so, of course, I think could not get to sleep because I thought it was dying. Then he snuggled under the covers right next to me. It was way too hot but I didn't care, I could at least know he wasn't dead.

Before bed, The Smalls was going nuts. He so wants to wrestle and rough house or do something and, honestly, Biggie is willing. But... I'm not. So I got out the laser pointer and we played Nursing Home Laser. Slow, and easy. It worked. They were both distracted from the rough stuff and no stitches were pulled out in the game.

Now that we are about out of drugs, I've totally gotten the hang of administering them. Those pill pockets are really the trick. I was surprised since he's not that into treats. He does push it around a lot and I worry that The Smalls is going to rush in and grab it but eventually, he gobbles it up.

And he's fine, really. And they apparently did not get into trouble while I was at the pool.

He did get food on his pillow collar so I'm glad I got a backup and this morning I'll be reverse engineering it to make a pattern for making another one.

In non-cat news... crickets. Nah.

Yesterday, Frank texted that he wanted a walk and did I want to meet for coffee. Well, yes I did! We had a great visit. It was good to get out and stretch my legs a bit, too.

Also, a few weeks ago, I found a nice raincoat at Goodwill for really cheap. It needed some minor repairs which I did. I tried it out for the first time yesterday and it's great. Exactly the right weight. It's also got room for adding layers under. Good pockets. A front zipper and snaps. The hood is a little problematic but I think I can fix that. An excellent use of $5!

I think a lot of today could be tied up in keeping The Smalls from activating Biggie. and probably a lot of Nursing Home Laser. In hopes they will go back to this.

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