Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Another quiet day here on the ranch

We all slept well for a while. The cats first got restless about 3ish so I got up and got them some food. They came back to bed when they were done. Then we dozed and mitigated until 8. They would be fine, then Biggie would send taunting cat signals and The Smalls would attack or they would start to play and get too rough. Then I'd grab one and put them under the blanket next to me and we'd doze some more and then do it all again and the other would be next to me. All in all, it was a really lovely early morning nap.

I'm still giving Biggie the pills. Every 12 hours 'for pain and to help with confinement' but I can't help but feel he really doesn't need them. The vet said that the syringes of liquid were as needed and they aren't so they are sitting on the shelf. He's doing great.

The new collar lets him eat, drink and cuddle with far more ease. I had to take the top off the litter box and keep the shower curtain open so he can climb up on the bathtub ledge to hop in. It's working fine.

Upon closer inspection of the new collar, I think I can make one just like it easily. I ordered a second one but I may use it for measurement and then return it with the rest. I've got all the stuff needed to make one. So far it's not getting wet when he drinks or dirty when he eats so he might not even need a second one.

I just saw on Twitter that there has been a power failure and "crews have worked throughout the night to restore power near Centurylink Field, including the Event Center. This extensive system requires testing cables a section at a time. The current restoration timeframe is 11:14 a.m." Since I live just across the street, I am amazed and delighted to have dodged that bullet but I'm guessing those 'crews' are under a bit of pressure since the game is at 1 and there are usually lots of pregame activities in the event center. There are likely multiple someones not having a good morning.

I've got nothing planned. I think I need to stay close to the cats to make sure they don't get into trouble at least one more day. Tomorrow I'll go back to the pool and maybe even run an errand or two. I should get on the treadmill today and maybe, hopefully, I will. Otherwise, TV and knitting and just hanging with the kitties.

This is them right this minute.


Biggie has 3 shaved spots one big and then one each on two legs. He really does not even try to get to them now so hopefully they will heal and the hair will grow back quickly.


When I saw this photo, it looked to me like one side of his incision was red/inflamed, I just rolled him a little to get a closer look and 1. nope the pink is photo, not real life and 2. he did not even wake up when I rolled him over and touched the incision to see the whole thing. I do not think he's in much pain if any.

Ok. I think I'll wash the breakfast dishes.
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