Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Brother shenanigans

Mostly, they've been behaving themselves. Just hanging out next to me here on the couch like this:


But a bit ago, Biggie got frisky and started picking on The Smalls who, with all justification, jumped on Biggie's stomach to stop him. I had to break them up - more than once.


That's the kind of thing that makes me twitchy about leaving them alone for any length of time. I've taken stuff down to the dumpster and went to check the mail but that's it.

I still don't think Biggie is in any pain. Amazon says my delivery is the driver's next stop so his new collar should be here any minute.

And... it is here now! I think we got it in one with this one. It's exactly his size. he can't get it off and I can still get two fingers easily between the collar and his neck. He actually didn't even try too hard to get rid of it. He's now using it for a pillow. Yeah Amazon. I canceled the other order and ordered a second one of these assuming this one is going to get grubby and will need washing. I sure feel better about it.



His incision still looks fine and he does not mind my checking on it. It's not even feverish like it was yesterday. He had a couple of minorly matted places on his back and tail. I got out a comb and went over him thoroughly and he seemed to enjoy that. Plus now he's back to clean.

We have TV to watch and I think we'll just get right on that now.
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