Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Getting it together

This morning has, so far, been dedicated to getting my shit back in order. Last night, when it was clear that Biggie could not get to his food with his collar on, and he was starving, I hauled out every dish in the house to try and stacked up books and moved stuff around and made a huge mess.

Then he kept knocking stuff over trying to maneuver around with it so I just flung shit around to clear a path. And the cat carrier was still by the front door and on and on.

Now everything is tidied up and back in place or put somewhere that makes sense.

The Smalls, in last night's mayhem, lost the bells on his collar. I am not used to cats who move silently so I got those sewn back on. I'll fix Biggie up with some bells later. For right now, they are both sacked out on the bed which is why I can't make it up but I'm ok with that.


And, then I went shopping. On Amazon. There's gotta be a better collar situation. And, of course, there are many. I ordered one that will be here today - THANK YOU Amazon! And then I went back and ordered 3 other different kinds that will be here Monday. All were listed as 'free returns' so I'll just take back the ones that don't work or don't work as well. So, hang in, buddy. We'll get rid of that clunky thing.

The door to the terrace is closed because it's cold out but even with the door closed I can hear the playoff excitement outside. The Sounders 11th playoff season starts in about 5 minutes.

Me? I think I'm going to kick back with my knitting needles and catch up on TiVo.
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