Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

He's home and so glad to be here

The vet who checked me out at the emergency clinic was finally one who had met a cat. She gave me a set of written out instructions and told me what would really happen and how to deal with it.

Ice packs for 15 minutes 3-5 times a day. Said the instructions.

If he'll tolerate it at all, it would be great but probably he won't. Said the vet.

Keep him isolated from all other pets. Said the instructions.

I'll bet his brother will be excited to have him for snuggling tonight! Said the vet.


He had only licked food when they discharged him. She said to feed him anything he would eat. So when we got home, I put some Whiskas in a dish and put it on the carpet by the kitchen. I turned around to get some Friskies and planned to scramble him an egg but, he had jumped up to the usual spot on the counter and was eating anything and everything he could get past that dumb cone. He practically hoovered the entire counter - kibbles and wet food.

He does not seem to be in any pain except the Pain of That Fucking Cone. Which he has to wear until October 30. She said that I could take it off for short periods as long as I had him controlled. She said she had one cat who was ok with that and another for whom the on/off thing was just too stressful so she left it on him always.

Anyway, he's home. And The Smalls has not left his side. The only thing he can reach with is tongue is his tail so he's cleaning the bejesus out of it.



I think he's trying to get that hospital stink off of him. He has not stopped moving since they brought him out. He spent the entire trip home trying to get out of the carrier and now he's just walking around, cleaning his tail, eating some more, walking around cleaning his tail, eating some more.

OH and when I went to settle the bill, I got $700 back! How wild is that?

And I have two drugs for him - a pill and a liquid in a syringe that I shoot into his mouth. They are supposed to calm him down. He's going to need it - he's now chasing The Smalls at high speed. I'm sure that's not good.
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