Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Forgive me LBGTQ, for I have sinned

The emergency vet hospital is way up north in the middle of franchise-ville. It is in what was once a Staples next to where the nice K-Mart used to be surrounded by Taco Bell, Dollar Tree, KFC, Krispy Kreme, Burger King.... nearly any franchise you want all right there... including Chick-Fil-a.

Chick-Fil-a started out as the fast food place of shopping malls in the South. They had good chicken. I was a fan. Then I moved. Then they grew. Then their politics came to light. And good thinking, woke folks protested with their feet and wallet, me included.

It was really easy for me. Until a very few years ago there was no Chick-Fil-a anywhere in the state. Since we've gotten a few, I'd been once - when my friends from New Zealand were here. If you are unaware of their politics, it's great place. Clean and so friendly.

But, I am aware of their politics.

Last night, after leaving Biggie in the hospital I was starving. And there it was. Shining in the dark. Luring me in. Clean and so friendly. I got a chicken sandwich and fries and a diet Dr. Pepper to eat on the way home. I am sorry. I am repentant. But, I know I will never stray again because, GOOD NEWS! I did NOT like the sandwich. It had a funny taste to it. And the waffle fries were not crisp.

Nope. Never again. I promise. And I'm sorry for last night.

I'm waiting now to hear from the hospital. They said they would call with an update this morning. I suspect they are waiting to see if he's good enough to come home before they call. I'm ready to go get him and The Smalls is readier than me.

I did go swimming today - it was a 4:30 am decision. I was awake and The Smalls was having my face and hands for breakfast. So I decided he could handle my going to the pool and I did. The Sounders soccer team has a playoff game in the stadium across the street tomorrow and the Seahawks are playing there on Sunday. Both will make it kind of dicey to get the car out and then back in so likely no swim this weekend. I was glad I went today.

I'm doing a load of laundry and then I'll probably finish up the sewing I did yesterday while I wait for Biggie to be ready.

I moved money around so that I could pay off the credit card charge. Yeah for cash back on that one for sure. I am very grateful that I have the money to move around. Very. My savings account is/was pretty healthy as it's where I dump money every month to pay for Mariners tickets, my annual HOA bill and the annual real estate tax bill. They come due in November, December and February respectively. Fortunately, I had extra in there already so this just means my rainy day fund is now more suited to a drizzle than a gully washer.

We're having some wind this morning and it's lovely to see the leaves dropping from The Tree That I Hate. I can't wait to meet the neighbors across the way.

The Smalls is keeping Biggie's spot avail in case he should get home before the current nap ends.

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