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Susan Dennis


Now I'm waiting for a call back from the vet. I called to ask what is involved with the x-ray/radiography she mentioned yesterday and again in her notes. I think that is probably the next step but I don't want to take him back in only to find out they can't do it there or then or something so I called. But got voicemail (which you get when they are busy).

Biggie has moved around a very small bit. He's been drinking water. Will not touch anything to eat no matter what it is. But just after I left the message at the vet's, he threw up all the water.

He's more alert than he was. He moves from the bedroom to the living room and back when he wants. And to the water fountain when he wants. But he's still broken. The Smalls tried to wrestle with him but he was not into it so I had to separate them.

I did a little sewing but really I've just been stewing and debating about whether to cart him up and take him back - until I came up with the plan of calling. Now I'm just waiting.

I gotta say, I've had more fun days.

I'm turning off comments on these entries out of selfishness. Generally I can take whatever you dish out but my defenses are down right now. While I appreciate the love and caring that most of you would like to extend, I'm going ask you to use ESP instead of LJ so I don't have to see the comments of those who assume I am an uncaring idiot and my vet service employs the uneducated.
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