Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


I found the step stool and then lost the allen wrenches that Assembly Guy handed me as he was leaving yesterday. But then I found them.

So... for the record.

All the mustard I own is in the fridge - door shelf, second from the top.

The step stool is under the shelf behind the kitchen trash.

The allen wrenches are in the yellow footstool's underbelly pocket.

I did empty out 7 batches of miscellaneous shit and put it away where it belongs or tossed it. And I cleaned out and organized that wooden box. Nice.


Then I gathered all the blankets and pillows not being used around the house and put them in the new sofa storage. A few of them can go to Goodwill but for now there is plenty of room under there. Biggie approved, by the way.


And then... Mr. Assembly put the handy little power strip holder on the end near the window and showed me how to move it. I decided I wanted it on the other end, so I took it off. And then found the perfect power strip for it. Fits like a glove.


Pretty handy!

I had to order longer USB cables (I cannot even believe I'm buying more USB cables... arugh!). Once they get here, and I can move the current cables. I think I'll be set.

The Smalls has been his old self this afternoon. Eating and getting into stuff. Biggie, I think still feels a little punk but I still think he'll snap out of it here in a little bit. I was down in the sewing room for a while and he interrupted his nap to come down there to find me.
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