Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Mustard, The Sequel... still not a metaphor

I went back to Grocery Outlet and blew another $.99 on another mustard to replace the missing one. rsc predicted the original would turn up as soon as I got a replacement. He underestimated my overachievementness. Completely forgetting that I had already replaced it, I forgot to mark it off my list and, so , of course, I bought more at the grocery store.

Only then did the original turn up. On the correct shelf in the fridge. I am now currently overmustarded.

Biggie has now thrown up several times. So whatever it is/was is shared. Neither of them show any signs of discomfort. They are both eating and playing and teasing each other. Well, right now, they are napping but that's because the morning has been full of the usual shenanigans. But, I'm keeping a close eye on them. Hopefully, it's a passing thing and/or still reaction for that damn pool noodle that will be all gone in a few hours.

Just now when I came back from a dumpster run.


I canceled my Google order for the new phone. Amazon has the same phone for the same exact price except $10 less in tax and it comes with a $100 gift card. I was going to trade in my Pixel 3 for $255 credit but the cheapest used one on Amazon is more than $300 so... I'll sell mine there instead. And it looks like I may even get it a couple of days sooner. OH and I get 5% cash back. The only down side is that they do not offer the orange one. I had to go with white. Oh well.

I got potato chip grease on my new sofa. I got out my trusty carpet cleaner and looked - it says 'upholstery, too!' and gave it a spritz. All gone. Folex. Miracle juice. Death to Dirt.

I think I'll make sure the cat carrier is where I think it is* in case I need to haul these two to the vet. And then relax on my purple couch!

My handy little step stool is not in any one of the 4 or 5 places I think it should be. That little sucker has run off.
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