Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

October is half gone

Last night, I got woken twice by The Smalls throwing up. I lay there in the dark thinking this was the beginning of how he would end. Do I take him to the vet today? What could they do? I was so sad. Finally about 3, I got up and turned on the light... he'd thrown up red styofoam! Doh. There is a part of a swim noodle left somewhere - probably under something - that I can't find. But, he can. They love styofoam so much. I cleaned up the not very messy mess and got back into bed greatly relieved. He hopped up and joined me and Biggie as soon as I turned off the light and began cleaning himself. He's fine. Just fine. Whew.

When they announced the new Pixel phones yesterday, they said they would not be shipping until October 24. My brain registered that as weeks away. Then I got a meeting invite for next Thursday and I saw the date... October 24. Wait - that's just next Thursday???? Boy, I'm really not living this month in the moment. But yeah on not having to wait for my phone. I ordered its case today from Amazon.

I'm still working on the living room set up. I need another foot stool - a short, small one. Then I need to figure out the end table arrangement. One of the reasons I picked these particular pieces - besides comfort- was to have options. Now I have too many.

Today, besides arranging furniture and accessories about a million times, I'll also be making an ironing board cover. And, maybe assembling a new top that I cut out of my scrap box last week.

I have my next two organization projects lined up. The first one is Floatsam and Jetsam. I have at least 4 and likely more baskets, bowls, boxes of random stuff. I need to empty them all out and put the stuff were it belongs and not in random baskets, bowls and boxes. And, after that, it's time to redo the living room cupboard. Take everything out/cull and return - last time I did not include the drawers - this time I need to do them, too. I have too much stuff and too much redundant stuff. Goodwill, clear your selves! (Well, probably no rush. Not sure when this will happen.)

For now... I think I'll get dressed.
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