Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

I'm way too old for this

I am exhausted but it is done and it is good. My room feels so much bigger and expansive. And tidier.

Keifer, who, shockingly enough, did not turn out to be Keifer Southerland, arrived on time and ready to work.His truck wasn't big enough to take all my furniture on one load so he made one trip and then reloaded and made the second one after he left here.

He was quite a nice piece of eye candy, honestly. And very sweet and very nice and pleasant to have around. He wasted not one single minute but was careful in what he did. One thing that skyrocketed him to the top of my list of favorite service people ever was NO CHIT CHAT! I have no idea if he's married, single, lived here all his life, likes working for Task Rabbit, plans to be a doctor... nothing. I know nothing. And it was heaven. He just quietly did what he was here to do. It was not uncomfortable in any way. He did a perfect job. $150 plus tip and I ended up tipping him $50. He was just so perfect.

I love my new room. It feels good. I haven't gotten all the bits where I want them yet. And the couch has an enormous storage area that is now empty. But, everything is plugged in and handy for right now and I am too sore and tired to do more right now.

I'm pleased with the whole project. And am so glad I did it.

The boys christened the blue chair.


But then Biggie left The Smalls to it and transferred over to the couch.


Oh and after Kiefer (not Southerland, alas) left, I was starving so I broke my 'don't guy from the Cherry Street Coffee Shop next door' rule. I will not be breaking that rule again. Who the fuck puts pickled onions on bagel/lox/cream cheese, etc? Pickled??? no. Plus, they are just snotty down there. Even if they did keep me from starving today.
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