Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

It's all here!!

The IKEA guys called me at 4:15 "8 minutes out" which was really nice. FedEx brought the Mariner box at the same time. The IKEA guys just added it to the load to bring up.

None of the pieces are huge but one is more than 100 pounds (the railings for the purple sofa bed.

Even so... my living room is now officially stuffed.


The cats just could not be more confused.

I think I'm going to unpack the box that has the sofa bed cover in it-easy to pick out- and let it rest/flatten out. Otherwise, I'm just going to leave the rest as is.

Keifer, the assemblyman, will be here 9ish. The stress of getting this all done is gone. Worst case Keifer is a no show. I'll just hire someone else.

I'm ready!
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