Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

What if????

Mid swim this morning, I was suddenly struck with What if 7 pm comes and there's no delivery from IKEA? What do I do about the guy coming at 9 tomorrow? I swam some more and decided that if that happens, I'll have the guy take all the furniture and just rebook when I get the IKEA stuff. I'm not wild about zero furniture but I do have a bed I can blow up to sit on if it comes to that. I swam on.

After, in the locker room, I met Jacqueline. I think i had seen her before but not a lot. She clearly knew me, though. Or knew my swimming, rather. She was fun to talk to. Old and retired and like me, a morning person. And annoyed by those aquafit people on Saturday. "I told them it was still 2 minutes to 9 and I was not getting out til 9." She said that there's another woman who used to teach swimming who swims there and wants to get a group swim going with coffee after. Fine by me - might be fun.

OMG - the Google new product 'show' is tomorrow and not Wednesday. At 10. Right in the middle of furniture assembly. Dagnagbit. Why does everything have to happen at once? Oh well. Not fatal. Just annoying. I know I want the phone and I'm not sure I want anything else. It would have been nice to hear about it all as it happened, though.

I have a Amazon credit card through Chase. It gives me cash back on Amazon purchases. The statement just cleared for the month and I got $70 and change back. Clearly I am spending WAY too much on Amazon. Yikes! Wish I could have bought the IKEA stuff through them :)

Ok. All banking done. All laundry done. All ready. The ironing board will be here about noon-ish. The Mariners stuff will be here about 3 ish. The IKEA stuff will be here after 3. I'm ready.

I can hear the cats in the bedroom. I hear the bells and the occasional knocking down of something. I'm not sure I want to look.
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