Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

We'll this is a nice find

I love chili - I like it with beef and beans topped with cheese and chopped onions and a healthy dollop of sour cream. Chili isn't hard to make, it's just a PIA to get all the stuff and do it so I don't.

This morning, at Trader Joe's they had an end cap of corn bread crisps and cans of chili - turkey chili - no thanks.

I wandered around the store and found the chili section and, sure enough, they had real chili in cans - not the turkey stuff.

So I got each. And just gave it a trial run.

I put half the can in a bowl and topped it with a bunch of grated cheese. I heated that up until the chili was hot and the cheese was melted. Then I pulled a few chopped onions out of the freezer and dolloped out the sour cream. Easy peasy and OMG... it worked!!! Tasty!!

The corn bread crisps were meh - Fritos would have been better but I'm very excited about having good chili in cans on the shelf. Generally, I make finds like this at the end of a season or in the wrong seasons and then forget. Sorry for peop who have no Trader Joe's.

Chili was eaten watching a 48 Hours episode on the kidnapping of kids from Chowchilla that happened in the early 70's. I remember it so clearly and always wondered that happened to those kids after. Fascinating.
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