Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

gearing up

I got a nice, warm fuzzy email from IKEA saying my stuff was in town - it's actually in Kent which is a kind of bedroom community so not far. I will hear from them tonight about my 4 hour delivery window.

Also coming tomorrow is an ironing board I ordered a while back.

It needs to be assembled and I originally planned to do it myself but... I might just save it for Tuesday's install guy.

Also coming tomorrow is the second half of the Mariners' giveaways. When I buy my ticket for the season, I'm offered the option to also buy one of each giveaway for the season. They send half in July and the other half at the end of the season. It's really a stupid thing to buy. I do not need any more Mariner caps or bobble heads but I still get a thrill out of opening the box. And I do use some of the things.

So tomorrow is the Day of Getting Stuff. And I'm jazzed. The IKEA trucks, UPS and FedEx.

Today is laundry. Nearly done now. I put in a load before I went to the pool so I got a good head start. And not much else but wait for delivery day. TV, knitting, the usual.

For years and years I watched The Ellen Show every day. Well, I recorded it every day and watched each episode. But over the years, I've grown more and more impatient with her love of the Kardasians and her games and pranks. For the past couple of years, I've fast forwarded through most of it. Now I have found a new way to enjoy it. The podcast. Her producers get together a couple of times a week and talk about the shows - behind the scenes, clips of the best bits and even a little inside info. Her producers are really fun and interesting people. I still record the shows every day but only watch when the podcast talks about a bit that sound like I need to see it.

It's a much more efficient and palatable way to consume the show.

This week one of them mentioned something the size of a phone book. Then they realized that for a massive part of their audience that reference was meaningless so they, completely unironically, explained what a phone book was. They didn't, I noticed, explained the size which was the point. BUT also... phonebooks varied widely in size. Most (not all) were 8.5 x 11 but ranged from a half inch thick to about 3 inches. The guy explaining the phone book said there were two - one for residential and one for businesses. Except for New York City, I never lived anywhere where they were separate books. I did live in a couple of places where they were 5.5 by 4.25 inches and about a half in thick.

The relevant point about phone books in today's world is that they contained the name personal phone number and address of everyone in town. Yes, Private Information... right there. You could pay extra - and it was not cheap - to have your name left out. And not so long ago. People today get their panties into a pretzel in a hot minute about even their names being public. How quickly we can change.

The boys are in a pile again in the gray chair... wonder which of the new chairs they are going to adopt...


Time to fold laundry and clean up the breakfast mess.
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