Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Amazingly quiet Saturday

I woke up at 4:30 and then spent 3 hours dozing and listening to cats running and jumping on me and off me and around the house and then dozing some more. It was luxurious.

Finally I got up and did 30 minutes on the treadmill which I hated. I actually did 29 minutes and 30 seconds. Cheating on those last 30 seconds felt like taking my life back.

Then breakfast which was delicious. Buying bacon fat has changed my life for the better. Now I am now sufficiently internetted. I'm not yet dressed for the day nor are the breakfast dishes washed. So that's next.

And then... Someone (The Smalls) lost his collar in the overnight/morning shenanigans so we'll be making another one for him this morning. And then maybe doing some sewing.

I was thinking of a trip to Trader Joes but then discovered that the Seahawks' game tomorrow is in Cleveland and not here so I can go swimming and, since Trader Joe's is across the street from the gym, I can just pop in there after.

So I think today will just be a very quiet stay at home Saturday and I'm fine with that.

I'm also getting two paws up on the plan from the gray chair. This photo looks like they are in an intense private meeting. The only agenda item, however is zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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