Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Loose ends

I feel like I'm on hold today. I'm waiting for furniture that won't be here til Monday. Then waiting on the assembly guy who won't be here til Tuesday. Then waiting on the announcement of my new phone which won't happen til Wednesday.

This is the kind of shit I hate. Anticipation can be delicious but when it takes over and gets in the way of now, it becomes destructive. I need to whip up a project - that will engage me and keep me from just wasting the next few days away. Maybe sewing. Maybe a new top. Maybe I'll make that latest tunic pattern I love but this time with a cowl neck. That sounds like a good plan.

Probably there will be no swimming this weekend. Saturdays are off the list because of that aqua fit class. I could do it but it would not be fun. This Sunday is out because of the Seahawks game. I'm not sure how I feel about skipping whole weekends. Having the dreadmill option helps.

Maybe also today would be a good day to stroll over to Uwjimaya.

I am really not connected to anything today. Not fatal. Just disconcerting.

Biggie just turned up in the living room with this giant screw. I have no idea where he got it and what's now missing this not insignificant piece...
(old library card for perspective)

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