Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

So far... so good

I just got the shipping notice from IKEA and they list Monday as the delivery date so yeah! It's one of those call the night before with 4 hour window deals but fine. I don't care as long as the stuff is here before the assembly guy comes Tuesday morning.

One of the side benefits of the factory reset that I did on my chromebook yesterday was that I lost the link to my printer. I pulled the drop down and selected another version of it and bam! It's way faster than the way I had been using. Cool.

I went to Grocery Outlet and spent too much money but got good stuff. And speaking of spending too much money. Zappos.

I discovered on my IKEA trip that my plan to wear my faux fur lined crocs for most walking all winter is flawed. My feet don't like 'em except for short trips. So new shoes. I got 3 pair today. One was a definite return. And the other two are a maybe. I ordered half size larger of both plus another pair. They will be here tomorrow. Meanwhile I need to wear these two around the house to see how my feet feel about them. I don't usually wear shoes in the house but it's cold enough in here today that they feel good. I do so love and appreciate Zappos.

EDIT - well, after wearing both around the house all afternoon. One is a clear winner and the other is not. So I canceled the second order and packed up the other for return. As they say on Acorn TV - Done and Dusted.

I think it's time for some TV and some knitting.

I got out a small minky throw this morning to try to warm up the top basket of the cat tree. They were un impressed. So I just tossed it on the chair. Biggie allowed as how it worked better there for a nap spot. The Smalls was ok about going without. At least they are currently not knocking shit down.

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