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Yesterday, I spent a lot of time culling out my Instagram account. I'm dismayed at how useful and enjoyable it is for me. But, at least the stuff that isn't is now gone. And, the sound is back in Stories! Yeah!!

And Spotify is back. Yeah!!!

And my tooth is still ok. Yeah!!!!

So...happy Thursday to me!

The pool is really getting more and more regular swimmers. Used to be that at least 2 or 3 days a week, I'd be the only one in there. Now, there are two people in at least two of the lanes every day and one, sometimes two in the third lane. And most are regulars. It's kind of fun to see the same folks. One guy is an every day guy. He does not speak much English but always gives me a gigantic smile and wave when he gets there. Always. It's a great thing to look forward to every morning.

And sleeping with my cats is the thing I now look forward to every night. Last night they cuddled with me all night long and didn't even wake me up. Biggie has taken to sleeping on my feet which is, frankly, quite nice. The very muted bedroom lights come on automatically in the morning so our new routine is lights on, cats wake up and sit up and stare at me until I wake up. They are just the best. Even when they are driving me nuts.

I went to most of the Homeowner's board meeting last night. I left before it was over. I think in this case it's really the more you Don't Know, is better. They have restructured the meetings so there is no discussion allowed until after the meeting. And the info I generally pick up asks more questions than it answers. And what I don't know doesn't annoy me. So I think last night was my last meeting. I do not need to go anymore.

I did meet my newest neighbors last night. The couple at the far end of the hall who moved in here about 6 months after I did 27 years ago, sold their unit. To a nice looking couple - one guy maybe 50ish and one guy maybe 40ish both of whom came to the meeting. (The unit - a little bigger than mine - was listed, in July, for $775. They reduced the price a couple of months later to 748 and then sold it this month for $709.) The guys feel like they could be good and fun neighbors.

Nothing on the agenda for today. Maybe a trip to Grocery Outlet. But, really, nothing going on which is fine by me. I have plenty to keep me amused.
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