Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Problems with my browser now and my tooth soon

So. Pixelbook. Latest Chrome version. No sound on Instagram stories. (Plenty of sound on Instagram videos - just not in stories.)

The Spotify web player has turned into a black web page. No player at all.

And then the Zappos website started turning on me. It kept sending me to their email preferences page. If I clicked on something, it would send me there for a half second and then redirect me. I was going nuts.

I did a complete factory reset on my Pixelbook (not that big a deal on a chromebook, fortunately). All three problems persist. Incognito mode. Instagram and Spotify still fail but Zappos was happier. So I turned off all extensions. Again Spotify and Instagram unfazed but Zappos fixed. Turned out my Last Pass extension was working from an old Zappos URL which clearly is only partially deprecated. Fixed that and all is good.

Spotify has excellent twitter support so they are working on the issue and I picked up a 'me too' in even asking the question.

Instagram. Nada.

I have a tooth. It's a molar. It's next to a hole where another molar, who went to dental heaven years ago, used to live. So it's there all by it's lonesome. It's been on its last legs for several years. It has multiple fillings as well as chips. It's hanging together by a prayer. None of the options for a fix are any good. The are all expensive and require hours in the dental chair - two non-starters - especially that last bit. But, now, it's developed a random sensitivity. Sometimes just breathing can bring on a stab of tooth pain. Less often I can bite down on something and it does not feel right.

I was hoping against hope that I would die before I had to do something about it but that's looking less likely. My best hope now is that it does not turn to constant hurt on a Friday afternoon.

And yes, any smart person or any person with half a brain, would have already at the very least made an appointment with the dentist already. I'm brilliant at some things, very smart at others, I can hold my own at a lot but dental anything shoves me into denial and an alarming clip.

But, my house is clean. My monthly subscribe and save from Amazon arrived just as I ran out of cat food (wet and dry) and litter. And, my fingers are crossed that I have a little luck left over to make the IKEA delivery come on Monday like they said it would.

Kitty kisses in the sun.

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