Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Rearranging furniture

In my head, I have arranged and rearranged the new furniture in the living room now about 100 times. There are really only 3 pieces but it still seems like the options are endless. And I've designed and redesigned throw pillows and afghans for all the pieces. In my head. It is so much easier and quicker to move furniture around and complete projects in my head.

Also the current furniture is now making me feel really claustrophobic.

Today is house cleaner day so my day to get out of the house. The cart is packed to the gills with Goodwill donations so that's where I will go first, then probably a quick grocery foray then I don't know what.

And that's it for plans for the day. There may be TV watching and knitting.

The sweater I started has morphed now into an entirely different sweater. I ripped out the sleeves and am redoing them along with the top. The sweater from the armpits down remains unchanged. Should be interesting.

The cats remain interesting... I love that they are still kitten enough to not yet have established real habits and yet both have strong, and different personalities. Last night when I left the living room for the bedroom, I announced 'Bedtime!'. I went back and pulled back the covers and laid out their yellow blanket on their side of the bed. And as soon as I fired up my audiobook, this is what I got next to me.


I mean really... so adorable. They moved around a little during the night. Biggie moved over to stretch out next to me and The Smalls positioned himself on top of my head. And then about 3 am, they decided to wrestle ... on the bed next to me but it was fine. They settled back until time to get up. They are really so lovable.

Time to get dressed.
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